Hand Tracking- Grabbing and Physics

Hand Tracking, Grabbing and Physics

Example Located in ExampleScripts- Hand_Tracking_Grabbing_Physics

Note: To add OpenXR hand tracking to any script (1.9.8 or higher) just add "from utils import handTrackingOpenXR" at the top of your script. If you don't want to see the controllers along with the hand, select "empty" for the controller model. 

If using Data Gloves (such as ManusVR or other supported devices) email support@worldviz.com for this example using data gloves

Use Hand Tracking from the Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3 to grab and interact with objects using physics. Place hand in sphere to drop objects and reset them. Can use fingers to move objects around and grab some of them with your hand. 

Find this example in ExampleScripts-Hand_Tracking_Grabbing_Physics

Can adjust the link.preTrans values to get a better fit of the object on your hand when you grab. 

Additional Keyboard shortcuts

‘2’ print distance between index finger and thumb

‘3’ toggle distance between index finger and thumb

For adjustments to use this example with data gloves, or other hand tracking devices email support@worldviz.com