Educational Interaction Tool 

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This document describes how to use the Educational Interaction Tool in SightLab. This can be connected to an interactive, intelligent AI agent powered by various large language models like GPT-4 and Claude Opus. You can customize the agent's personality, use speech recognition, and leverage high-quality text-to-speech models. You can also record your own annotations that work with those. Can be connected to a virtual avatar or just use a voice-over.  

Tagged objects can show a 3D text annotation and trigger an audio explanation. If connected with the AI integration, users can ask follow up questions.

Requires installation of Vizard and SightLab

Can be found in ExampleScripts\Education_Application_AI

Key Features


Modifying Environment and Avatar(s)

Obtaining API Keys

To use certain features of the AI Agent, you'll need to obtain API keys from the following services:

Additional Information:

Issues and Troubleshooting