Initial Setup

Make sure Vizard 7 is installed first. After downloading and extracting (location can be of your choosing) either Sightlab_VR or  SightlabVR_Multi_User you have a collection of .py files that can be run with Vizard (if you have selected for .py files to open automatically with Vizard you can double click to open, or right click and choose “edit” to open in the Vizard editor). Additionally there will be folders for your resources, recordings and data files. 

You may also need to turn on permissions to write in this folder, as SightLab needs to write a config file. (right click- choose "security" and then "edit" to add permissions). Additionally, it may be easier for permissions to install the SightLab script to somewhere like your documents folder. 

Note: It is also recommended to download the K-Lite Codec Pack for the videos, as well as to install the following Python libraries (by going to Tools-Package Manager in Vizard): moviepy, tkinter, numpy, matplotlib, plotly.