Sending Events to Biopac

Note: To get data to stream to Acqknowledge from SightLab  enable the NDT Network Data Transfer protocol in AcqKnowledge (NDT is a licensed feature add-on.)In AcqKnowledge, go to Display > Preferences > Networking. Select the checkboxes for Enable network data transfer and Respond to auto-recovery requests.Restart the AcqKnowledge software to activate the Network Data Transfer.This configuration only needs to be done once.

As of SightLab 1.9.4 you can send markers to Acqknowledge with the GUI version with a checkbox 

For the non-GUI version you can also change Biopac= True in the "" file, which will send markers to Acqknowledge with any scripts you run

This will then send markers to Acqknowledge when you fixate on objects and give the name of the object. 

You can also set this per script if you use this code before importing sightlab:
import settings

def setBiopac(boolean):

    settings.BIOPAC = boolean


from utils import sightlab

You can set flags and send events to Biopac Acqknowledge at any time (or along with any event) in your session with the following code (replacing "something happened" with your own title): 

sightlab.set_flag('something happened')

if sightlab.BIOPAC==True:

sightlab.acqServer.insertGlobalEvent('something happened', '',''

Connecting Sightlab VR to Biopac

For more information, see this video on using Biopac with Sightlab VR

In order to see events you have to enable the events bar. You can also display the "Event Pallette" from the dropdown window here:

After a session is run you will see events on the timeline alongside the physiological data in Acqknowledge. You can click on these events to see the corresponding name. 

If you are running multiple trials, you will need to open Acqknowledge and go to Playback- Set up Data Acquisition- Length/ Rate and change this to "Autosave". This will then save individual data files to a folder. 

You can also view the events pallette to see a timeline of events

To link up a video recording (which you can obtain by selecting to record a video when running Sightlab), you can go to Media-Setup in Acqknowledge. Then , click on the "linked media" tab- Edit- and then select your video to link. 

To playback the media go to Media- Show Playback Viewer, and now you can click through the events in the events palette to skip to that part in the video playback.  You can also use the "I Beam" tool in Acqknowledge to select a point in the timeline to see the corresponding data and video playback and scrub through the data. 

For more information see the Acqknowledge Manual under "Help" in Acqknowledge

For getting data from Acqknowledge to SightLab see also the example "BioFeedback_Ball_Biopac" in the ExampleScripts folder