Connecting over Separate Networks

You can connect to other users in a Vizard session that are remotely located using a tool such as Radmin VPN to establish a VLAN connection. This setup will work for remote interactions with objects as well as multi-user eye tracking. Here is how it works with Radmin VPN

4. From the other clients install Radmin VPN and choose "Join Network" then input the Network name and password

5. You can now start the SightLabVR_server or SightLabVR _Server_360 from the computer that created the network, as well as one additional client (if you choose) from this same machine. All clients can start the Client script and input the name of the machine running the server (see this page for more details) 

Once the server has started, wait to press continue until all clients join, then press "Continue" followed by Spacebar. 

If you are running some of the clients on the same local network and others on the virtual network, it may be best to connect the local ones first. 

For voice chat, see this page (under Audio options make sure to select your HMD's microphone and output) . Alternatively, you can use Discord for audio. 

Note the default limitation is for up to 5 users, but more can be added contact if more are needed