Example Scripts/Templates

See the folder “example_scripts” for some common examples you can copy and paste into your project.  See the instructions for each one.  If copying into a file in the root folder make sure to remove the code at the top that is changing the directory

Examples included: 

See how to import into an existing Vizard script

Examples of 3 different Visual Search tasks using STIM files and saving data

Use 2D videos displayed on a virtual screen. Analyze and playback user interactions.

Use a car or other vehicle in your eyetracking simulation

Elements in the scene react to your gaze. 

Challenge Fear of Heights in the Walk the Plank demo. Capture fixations and heatmaps and send signals to Biopac Acqknowledge

Turn physics on in your application

See how to add avatars in your application

Proximity Sensors

Add proximity sensors for location based interactions

Playback a series of 360 media

Demonstrates adding a virtual mirror to a scene and swapping head and hands, or can use tracked avatar 

Shared Gaze

Multi-user sample showing time spent in shared gaze

Generate bar charts, histograms, box plots using Matplotlib, Numpy, PANDAs, Plotly and Seaborn (requires installing those libraries first)

Memory Experiment

Investigate human spatial memory with this example of a behavioral research experiment . 

Setting flags using controller trigger or keypress

See how to set flags using a controller or keyboard press.

Track and playback heart rate using the Omnicept headset

Use and modify a 3D menu for interacting with the scene

See how to connect and send markers to Biopac's Acqknowledge software for measuring additional physiological metrics, such as EEG, heart rate, skin conductance and more

Pupil Diameter baseline

Establish a baseline for pupil diameter using various light intensity values.

Add instructions for a participant (accessiable via the "settings.py" file)

Pigeon Hunt

Follow the sound of hooting pigeons and catch them before they fly away. 

Adding audio to the replay

Add audio to the replay captured from your microphone. Can also save an audio transcript

See how to use a STIM file to setup independent variables

Run tests to evaluate Eye Tracker hardware performance

Drop Collections of models into folders and cycle through them with either single or multi-user

Examples of using Mixed Reality with the Meta Quest Pro or Varjo XR-3

See how to perform eye tracking studies on real world objects

Examples for using upper body tracking with the Meta Quest Pro

Using a Timer for Experiment

Example for running experiments on a timer or using a different event to start/stop the experiment

See how to add additional data to a data logging file

Template for measuring fixations and saccades using the dispersion method

Use a selector tool to interact with the scene

Use Hand Tracking from the Meta Quest Pro to grab and interact with objects using physics

Images for Instructions

Using an image to instruct participants

Biofeedback Ball 

See how feedback from physiological sensors can change the appearance of a ball. VR and Augmented Reality Versions

Example showing how to move over elevations, ramps, enable falling

Jump To Locations

Jump to various locations in a scene. Use either the arc teleport, a virtual menu with saved locations or keypresses

See various ways to save, view and analyze face tracking data

Movement Limiter

See how to restrict a user's movement when navigating a large space, where you don't want a user to go outside a boundary

Convert the cartesian 3D data points to equirectangular

Reset Position

Example for resetting the position

Use either a static seated, standing, or tracked full body avatar

Built in example for compressing video for smoother playback with 360 VR video

Tool for measuring objects in AR or VR

Interact with a virtual agent enabled with Chat-GPT or Claude

Use full body avatars in a conversation manner. Save audio, transcripts in addition to video and replay

Educational Application using annotations with AI

Set up an educational experience to get audio and visual annotations on various objects in a scene

Use VR controllers or Vive Trackers to track feet in VR

Vive Trackers

Track objects or full body with Vive Trackers

See more examples in the Vizard Documentation

Additional Examples Available (Contact Sales@Worldviz.com to inquire about how to get access)

Driving 360 

See the integration of a 360 video with 3D models in a drive through NY city

Shopping Visual Search 

A visual search task to look for a grocery item

Virtual Cockpit

Flying demo inside a virtual cockpit

Phobia Stimulus Presentation

Measure the ability to gauge the direction of objects while being exposed to various spiders and control objects

Apartment/ Building Review

Examples of various apartments and buildings from Sketchfab, Archilogic, Photogrammetry and others

External Application Data Recorder

Record data from an external application outside of Vizard

Operating Room

View an interactive operating room using the Boom IK module