Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape Tool

The measuring tape tool can be used to measure objects (either in VR or AR). See the script. To add this to a new script, use this code.  

measuringTool = vizconnect.getRawTool('measuring_tape')

def setStartWall(e):


viz.callback(viz.getEventID('measuringToolStart'), setStartWall)

def setEndWall(e):


viz.callback(viz.getEventID('measuringToolEnd'), setEndWall)

This tool is currently added to the Meta Quest Pro, Quest 3, Quest 2  and Desktop vizconnects. The rest will be added in the near future, but to add this to a new vizconnect, either send an email to  or see these steps to add this to any of your vizconnect files.  (in utils/vizconnect_configs). 

To add or verify follow these steps: