AI Agent 

This document describes how to use the AI Agent in SightLab, an interactive, intelligent AI agent that can be connected to various large language models like GPT-4 and Claude Opus. You can customize the agent's personality, use speech recognition, and leverage high-quality text-to-speech models.

Download latest updated version here  (Requires installation of Vizard and SightLab. Place in ExampleScripts folder after removing older version)

Can be found in ExampleScripts- Chat_GPT_Agent

Key Features


Modifying Environment and Avatar(s)

Obtaining API Keys

To use certain features of the AI Agent, you'll need to obtain API keys from the following services:

Avatar Configuration Options

Additional Information:

Issues and Troubleshooting


Interact and converse with custom AI Large Language Models  in a VR or XR simulation in real time. 

Choose from Openai models, including GPT-4, custom GPTs, and Anthropic (such as Claude 3 Opus)- Requires API key

Modify avatar appearance, animations, environment and more. Works with most avatar libraries

Customize personality of agent, contextual awareness, emotional state, interactions and more. Save as custom agents. 

Use speech recognition to converse using your voice or text based

Choose from high quality voices from eleven labs and other libraries (requires API) or customize and create your own 

Train agent as it adapts using a history of the conversation and its interactions

Works with all features of SightLab such as data collection and visualizations, save transcript and more 

There is also available a version of this that just runs as an education based tool, where you can select objects in a scene and get information and labels on that item (such as paintings in an art gallery). Contact for this version. 

Planned Updates: