Eye Tracker Testing

In the "EyeTracker_test" folder located in the Examples directory, you can find a collection of tests designed to assess the accuracy of your eye tracker. To run these tests follow the instructions below for each test. You will need to first install the numpy and matplotlib libraries for viewing the charts. See the page in the Vizard Documentation on the Package Manager to see how to install additional Python Libraries. You will find the results (charts, raw data, averages) in utils/eyeTrackerTestData

Note: For all of these tests make sure to first perform a calibration for your specific device. Look straight ahead and try to keep your head from moving while looking at the bullseye. Do not adjust the or move the headset after calibration (otherwise calibrate again to get valid results).

Feel free to use these examples to evaluate and fine-tune your eye tracker's performance. The results, including errors and average error measurements, will be saved in the "testData" folder for further analysis and assessment along with a scatterplot generated by matplotlib.