Using 360 Videos and Images

Add media files to the util/resources/media folder

For single user, run

For Multi-User choose SightLabVR_Server_360 and SightLabVR_Client_360  on each additional machine (can run server and client on the same for one) and choose your client number. 

A recording and data files will be saved respectively to each client.  Any videos you add to the resources- media folder will show up as videos you can use. 

Screen Record - Will record a video of the session and save it in the “recordings” folder (note: to compress the videos it is recommended that you install the moviepy python library using the package manager and install k-lite codec pack)

Media Type - Choose if using a spherical video or photo 

Format - Choose Mono or Stereo (The default for 3D video is for top/bottom. To change to left/right you will need to edit the function “StereoSphere” in the “” module. (Contact worldviz for help with this.)

Media - Add your 360 videos or images to the “resources/media” folder and they will show up in this list to choose from. (Note that for certain video types (including .mp4) you may need to install the K-lite codec pack for the video to play. You can download that at

After you run your session you can view a session replay, or playback a video recording. If you choose to use Biopac Acqknowledge you can also view the playback alongside the physiological l data. 

To add regions of interest to a 360 session, see this page

You can create 360 videos or images using either a 360 camera or a phone in panorama mode. Other good resources for getting 360 images online include Skybox AI ( for AI generated ones or Pexels for some 360 images that can be downloaded. Additionally, you can download 360 videos off of Youtube. See this tutorial on how to do that. 

Note: If your 360 video content is very large there may be errors with playback (running out of memory) if so, you can reduce the size using the script found here

For playing back of multiple 360 videos, can either use a STIM file, or see this page