Using a series of Videos/Media Viewer

To run a series of videos or images in a row  see the MediaViewer in the folder ExampleScripts- Model and Media Viewer

For the MediaViewer, you can just drop any media (360 videos, images, stereo or mono) into the mediaPath folder. For stereo videos and images add the tag "_stereo" to the end of the file. 

This folder location can also be changed where you want to store your media collection under mediaConfig. 

Options to change in mediaConfig are:

mediaFolderPath = 'utils/resources/media/mediaCollection'


videoRecording = 0

Timer = False #Choose to have videos advance on a timer or use a keypress, set to True for the timer

TimerValue = 5 #set how many seconds the timer runs before the media changes

swapMediaKey = 'v' #set which key will advance the media if not using a timer

cycleMedia = True

startExperimentKey = ' ' 

endExperimentKey = ' '

If you enable Biopac in settings an event will be sent to Acqknowledge when the media is changed (this will also include the media name), a flag will also be sent to the sightlab tracking data file. 

Lastly, the STIM file reader can be used to load 360 videos and images as well. 

You can also use a STIM file to control the playback of multiple 360 videos