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Barchart Objects of Interest

Plotly Walk Path

Plotly Head and Gaze

Plotly Barchart

See ExampleScripts VisualizationTools or the VisualSearch task examples or BarChart example as well

Download Visualization Tools Templates

For a list of all available visualizations using matplotlib see this page

For a lit of some examples using Plotly see this page

In addition to the Session Replay, video recordings, tracking data and experiment summary files (both included and custom), using   Biopac Acqknowledge and other third party tools,  here are some additional tools you can use to analyze your data. 

There are many Python libaries you can add to visualize and analyze the data. SightLab includes some examples you can use built on matplotlib, PANDAs , Seaborn and Plotly. 

To add a Python Library to Vizard use Tools-Package Manager

For a matplotlib barchart showing the gaze data on objects of interest, see the ExampleScripts- Barchart example

For barcharts and histograms that can show the association between an independent variable and a dependent measure see the analysis examples in ExampleScripts-VisualizationTools. See to load a specific file  or to load all the files within a specific folder. 

See  to see how you can generate a box plot comparing 2 independent variables association to 2 dependent variables. 

For Plotly visualizations showing the head position path and gaze path, as well as a barchart of views see the Plotly examples. There is also an example that will show the head position for a walk path of all trials within a folder. 

To add additional visualizations adjust the code between where it loads either "data" or "df" and where it saves the file at the end, or prompt an LLM such as Chat-GPT with the required visualizations you would like to generate (can upload the .csv file for it to analyze). 

Another upcoming tool for visualizing data is that you can load any of your data files into the Chat-GPT "Advanced Data Analysis" loader or Claude2 AI's file loader.