Generic SteamVR Controls: 

Same as Oculus, but left hand "Y" button is used for arc teleport and only right stick will rotate user

Note: Grabbing is trigger button, for most new controllers the "Oculus" button mapping will be used where you press the right thumbstick forward to do an arc teleport and you hold the "A" (lower) button on the right controller while moving the left thumbstick to move up/down and hold the "B" (upper) button on the right controller to move forward/backward. Pressing the Oculus system button will bring up the Oculus menu. 

TriggerPress callbacks

There are also built in callbacks for using the triggerPress or triggerPressLeft (these are either the left and right triggers on the controllers or the left mouse button). If you are attaching this to more than one function you may need to use "triggerPress2", etc. 

"secondTrigger" and "secondTriggerLeft" are the grip buttons (or right click for desktop)

VR Menu/Tablet: Press right trigger down or left button trackpad (for Vive headsets) 'm' for desktop

Additional Desktop Controls

Specific Controls

Media Playback 

Used on some examples using video screen playback, can be modified in the accompanying config file

Refer to specific examples for custom key bindings per example

Multi User Server Navigation (version 1.10.0 and later)

         'forward': 'u',

        'back': 'j',

        'left': 'h',

        'right': 'k',

        'up': 'y',       

        'down': 'n',      

        'yaw_left': 'i',  

        'yaw_right': 'o', 

        'pitch_up': 'n',  

        'pitch_down': 'm'