Session Replay 

To view the tracking data after a simulation is run, start the file (or SessionReplay_360 video for 360 videos and images or for multiple users). You will be presented with a list of options for session playback. Note you must first run an experiment session for session replay to show anything (if there is no data file, it will show a black screen). For 360 video/photo playback, the viewpoint will be from a fixed position. 

As of version 1.8 you can also view a heatmap in Session Replay, and as of 1.9.5 there is a second "static" heatmap that will show all points at once. To view the static heatmap, run a session with 1.9.5 or higher and then adjust the sliders on the bottom left for radius and opacity. To view the dynamic heatmap, press the "H" key to generate the heatmap and the "J" key to use a slider to change the intensity.  Press SPACEBAR to pause the heatmap generation. 

As of version 1.9.9 you can also view a walk path. This is in preview mode and may affect loading time. This will be found in the ExampleScripts folder as of 1.9.9.  It can be toggled on or off with the 'p' key. 

Note: Session Replay uses a "Free Camera" mode, meaning you can use the WASD and ZX keys to move the camera around. If you want to have a third person "follow mode" or a first person view, you can add the following code to the file (in utils) at line 211: 

Follow Mode: 

displayView = vizconnect.getRawTracker("head_tracker")

headLink =[2],displayView)

First Person Mode (Add this additional line): 

headLink.preTrans( [0,0.0,1] )

Note: If the data looks strange, such as red gaze path lines coming from the ground or the static heatmap showing right in front of the avatar

If this is the case, go to utils/data (or wherever you saved your data files) and open up the experiment_data.csv file and the tracking_data_trial.txt files and remove any rows that are showing 0,0,0 (or close to 0,0,0 for the first 3 points (point x, y, z or gaze x,y,z)