See this page in the Vizard documentation  for more information on using OpenXR. 

For help in connecting the Meta Quest Pro see this article

For help in connecting the Varjo headsets see this tutorial

For additional OpenXR devices see the Vizard documentation (link above)

Examples can be found in ExampleScripts- MIxed Reality, Meta_Pro_Full_Body, and the Mirror demo and by choosing Meta Quest Pro, Varjo or OpenXR from the device list. 

Eye Tracking

To test eye tracking, select either 'Meta Quest Pro' or 'Varjo' from hardware dropdown

Hand Tracking

As of 1.9.8, add "from utils import handTrackingOpenXR" to the top of your script. Can also select "Meta Pro Hand" 

Mixed Reality

To test Meta Quest Pro or Varjo mixed reality, see examples in the "Mixed Reality" folder

Upper Body Tracking

To test Upper Body tracking, either see Meta_Pro_Full_Body folder or add from utils import body_tracking to any script (also can see the virtual mirror demo). See this page for more information. 

Face Tracking

To test face tracking, see the virtual_mirror demo, or FaceTrackingData in ExampleScripts will show sliders for all 60 data points on the face. Also can add saving of face tracking data to any script, see this page for how to do that. 

See various ways to save, view and analyze face tracking data