Adding your own, custom Avatars

Here are the steps to utilize the “Ready Player Me” avatar heads in Vizard, where you can generate an avatar head from a single selfie (using webcam or upload an image) and download as a .glb file 

Go here to make your avatar from a single selfie

Download .glb file

Open in Vizard’s Inspector (open Vizard and choose Tools- Inspector)

Since you will just be tracking the head and hands, you will remove the body by selecting each body part and then clicking delete (so you only leave the head)

Click on “Amature” on the left and then the rotate tool on top to rotate the head in Yaw (first value for rotation) 180 degrees. 

Use the translate tools to move the avatar head down in Y -1.6235 and then back in Z by -0.155 (can adjust further back in Z if you still see your head in front of your eyes in the headset

Save the head model from Inspector as a .OSGB model into the resources/avatar/heads folder

Once you have an avatar head saved, just place it in the utils/resources/avatar/head folder on all clients and it will automatically show up as an option in the dropdown. Controllers are added separately in the resources/avatar/hand folder