SightLab VR Documentation

The SightLab package is a versatile and accessible tool for creating VR experiments using 3D models and 360-degree media. It is uniquely tailored for both non-programmers and researchers seeking advanced functionalities. SightLab includes an intuitive, GUI-based experiment generator to enable easy setup and operation,  an interactive session replay mode for in-depth after-action reviews, and a comprehensive library of templates and examples to extend functionality. This application is a supplement to Vizard.

Sightlab Multi-User allows you to run multiple users in the full Sightlab VR experiment. If you are running on separate networks you would need to connect via a VPN using a third party software such as Teamviewer (see instructions). 

Video Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use the single user Sightlab VR

Webinar Presentation

Presentation from Alex Dimov of Biopac on using Sightlab


Version 1.10.0 4/15/24

Version 1.9.9 3/7/24

Version 1.9.8 2/5/24

Version 1.9.7 1/5/24

Version 1.9.6 12/22/23

Version 1.9.5 12/11/23

Version 1.9.4 11/5/23

Version 1.9.3 10/26/23

Version 1.9.2 10/7/23

Version 1.9.1 9/5/23

Version 1.9 8/7/23

Support for new hardware:

Eye tracking, hand tracking, face tracking, body tracking (upper half) and mixed reality

Eye tracking, hand tracking, and mixed reality (and greenscreen masking)

Added ability to use a STIM file for modifying independent variables

Updated scan path

Added scan path settings to adjust frequency and saccade range

Added gaze time threshold to settings (also accessible in code)

Added ability to have custom events for starting and stopping the trial

Added custom key for the default start and stop

Removed “Press Spacebar to Start Text”

Included a python file to compress the recorded videos

Added option for left-right stereo video and 180 video

Included Assets:

Added flag for global position

Fixed dual info panels with session replay in headset

Fixed rotation of 360 monoscopic videos and images

Fixed issue with timer starting while instructions are displayed

Fixed how rating works, so can set custom text within the experiment

Changed default data rate output to milliseconds (can be modified)

Example scripts can now be run from within the "Example Scripts" folder

New and Updated Example Scripts and Additional Plugins:


Version 1.8.3 3/6/23

Version 1.8.2 2/15/23

Version 1.8.1 2/7/23

Version 1.8 1/4/22

Version 1.7.1 11/23/22

Version 1.7 11/2/22

Version 1.6.2 10/22/22

Version 1.6.1 10/7/22

Version 1.6 8/5/22

Version 1.5 7/7/22

Version 1.4 6/27/22

Version 1.3 1/25/22

Version 1.2 9/16/21

Version 1.1 7/1/21

Version 1.0 5/25/21