Discord for Audio

Instructions for Setting up and running a Discord Voice Channel

1. Create a Discord Server: If you don't already have one, you can create a new Discord server for free. Here are the steps:

2. Set Up Voice Channels: In your new server, you can set up one or more voice channels. Here's how:

3. Invite Users to Your Server: Next, you need to invite your users to your server. Here's how to do that:

4. Guide Users to Install and Set Up Discord: Each user will need to install the Discord client on their device, which can be downloaded from the Discord website (or you can run straight from your browser as well). 

Note that you may need to adjust the input sensitivity slider in order for your microphone to come through and also check that your mic insn't muted. When it is working you should see a green circle highlight in the channel when you speak. 

5. Connect to Discord Before or While Using SightLab: Once everything is set up, users can connect to your Discord server and join a voice channel. You can then use Discord for voice chat while you’re in a SightLab session.

To record the audio see the example “Audio Recording” in the Examples folder, to see how you can record audio per trial from a SightLab session and play it back in the Session Replay.